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Opening Night at the Bronx Library center

In an exciting celebration of art and storytelling, the Bronx Library Center's Creative Odyssey Exhibition kicked off with Manny714, a standout Manga artist, stealing the spotlight.

Opening night was a hit, as Manny714 warmly welcomed the audience with an engaging Artist Talk presentation, sharing the tales of his childhood and the journey that shaped him into the Manga artist he is today. The Bronx Library Center's auditorium provided the perfect setting for this intimate exploration.

Captured in frame: Manny714 captivating the audience during his presentation.

The night continued its momentum as Manny714 guided attendees upstairs to the 4th floor, where the Puerto Rican & Latin Heritage House Gallery showcased his impressive artwork. Here, Manny714 not only displayed his creations but also took the time to connect with visitors, answering questions, and providing insights into his beloved Manga series, Magna AX.

The Bronx Library Center proudly presents the Creative Odyssey Exhibition, offering a unique glimpse into Manny714's journey in the Manga world. Acting as both a retrospective of his growth and an introduction to the captivating Magna AX series, the exhibition promises an experience that resonates with both enthusiasts and newcomers alike.

Manny714's personal story unfolds in a memoir comic, inviting visitors to explore the nuances of his unique journey and the path that led him to the world of Manga. The Magna AX discovery wall, an interactive space, beckons attendees to dive into the intricacies of characters, explore vibrant settings, and even enjoy the first volume of Magna AX.

Original artworks from the Magna AX series take center stage, showcasing the creative brilliance behind Manny714's creations. The Iridian translation station adds an extra layer of engagement, allowing visitors to decipher the secrets of the ancient Iridian language and earn a Translation Virtuoso Certificate.

Pictured in frame: One of the wall spaces from the Magna Ax exhibition

A special highlight not to be missed is the Concept to Comic Wall—a captivating journey through Manny714's artistic evolution. Trace his skill development from the early manuscript of Magna AX at the age of 17 to the initial draft of Magna AX chapter 1 in 2018. Witness the ongoing revision of Magna AX chapter 1, showcasing the artist's dedication to his craft.

This exhibition is more than just a showcase; it's an opportunity to witness the convergence of art and narrative at the Bronx Library Center. Step into Manny714's world and let the magic of Manga unfold before your eyes. The Creative Odyssey Exhibition promises a night of discovery and appreciation for the artistry behind Magna AX.

The exhibition is on display at the Bronx Library Center from February 2nd through March 29th, located on the 4th floor in the Puerto Rican & Latin Heritage House.

additionally, you can View Exhibition Images here virtually

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