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Hi—I'm Manny, an NYC-based illustrator, and comic artist. Some of my creative influences include 90s anime, comics, and JRPGs (Japanese role-playing games). I love developing fantasy worlds and experimenting with typography & poster design.

I combine these elements with subject matter important to me to create all kinds of media, from comic books to motion comics to singular illustrations. In my work, I seek to reflect my sense of wonder in the world; my art often represents a love letter to the things of my childhood that ignited my adventure into being an artist. 

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Guest Speaking & Workshops



Up Your Alley: Artist Alley 101: 

A comprehensive workshop that focuses on how to locate, and apply for convention artist alleys.

Presented at: AniTomo Con 2023, Regularly Online Via ZOOM


A Creative Odyssey: My Journey as a Mangaka

A panel on my journey to becoming an NYC mangaka and the trials and 

tribulations that came along with it. 

Presented at: NYC Public Schools, NYPL Libraries, Women in Comics Creative Conference 2023

Want me as a Guest or Professional?

Interested in my services as a Visual Artist and Mangaka? Please share your name and email, and specify whether you're interested in a Workshop or Presentation Talk. Let me know your needs, and let's start a conversation on how I can tailor my services to best serve you!

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