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A Tale of Entwined Fate

Entwined Fates

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Satoshi Inomata, an enigmatic boy with vibrant red hair, comes back to the reconstructed city of New Allure, driven by a mysterious voice beckoning to him through the wind. Satoshi's history appears intertwined with the city of Allure and the cataclysmic events of the Grand Disaster. The voice he chases holds a sense of familiarity, echoing fragments of his past.

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Hanasu Nedena, a youthful girl possessing the enigmatic ability to sing echoing hymns, has recently relocated to New Allure to pursue her studies. Since arriving in Allure, she has been experiencing recurrent dreams featuring the radiance of cosmic starlight. Embedded within these dreams lies a prophecy: the revelation of an encounter with a warrior characterized by red hair and green eyes, wielding a sword just as she wields her voice. These dreams have progressively intensified in frequency, capturing her attention ever more vividly.

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Tasuka Tempest, a youthful resident of New Allure, aches for a transformation in his mundane routine. In the aftermath of the Grand Disaster, life has remained tranquil for Tasuka; nevertheless, he hungers for a sense of empowerment and the thrill of new experiences in his days.

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In a world where people produce a life force known as Aura to perform uncanny feats, The Grand Disaster nearly destroyed the world, leaving half of the population unable to utilize Aura and imprisoning their innate abilities. From the ashes of this catastrophe, New Allure City emerged as a symbol of hope & and renewal. As Satoshi Hanasu & Tasuka's paths entwine, they quickly fall into the mysteries of the rebuilt city of wonder as well as their own special abilities.

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