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The Bronx Library Center proudly presents the Creative Odyssey Exhibition, providing an immersive journey into the world of manga and the artistic evolution of Manny714, a talented Mangaka (Manga Artist). This showcase serves as both a retrospective of Manny714's inspiring journey to becoming a Mangaka and an engaging introduction to his captivating manga series, Magna AX.

Discover the layers of Manny714's life through a compelling memoir comic that unveils his unique story and the path that led him to the world of manga. Immerse yourself in the Magna AX discovery wall, an interactive space where you can delve into the intricacies of characters, explore vivid settings, and even enjoy the first volume of Magna AX.

The exhibition also features an array of original Magna AX artworks, showcasing the creative prowess behind the series. Engage your mind at the Iridian translation station, where you can unlock the secrets of the ancient Iridian language and earn a prestigious Translation Virtuoso Certificate.

As a special highlight, explore the Concept to Comic wall, a fascinating journey through Manny714's artistic evolution. Trace his skill from the early manuscript of Magna Ax drawn at the age of 17 to the initial draft of Magna AX chapter 1 in 2018, and witness the ongoing revision of Magna AX chapter 1.

Don't miss this extraordinary opportunity to witness the convergence of art and narrative at The Bronx Library Center's Creative Odyssey Exhibition.

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