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October News Update 2023

Greetings, adventurers!

We're here with an October Website maintenance update for Magna Ax. Please see the updates below:

Gallery Updates: Sailor Magna & Stage Covers

The Fierce girls of Magna Ax transform into their own sailor scouts and fight evil with style and grace. A passion project collaboration of Preet Guardian Sailor Moon & Magna Ax

View the Beautifuly revised Stage Covers of Magna Ax in its own new Gallery Page.

Story Page Update: The Story page has been rebranded as the Synopsis page to accurately reflect the new design of the page.

October 2023 About Page Update:

  • Artist Bio

  • Behance Portfolio

  • Magna Ax Promotional Statement

  • Artist Resources

  • Bookings

New Mangaka Page:

The "About" page has been transformed into the "Mangaka" page. Here, you can discover more about the creator of Magna Ax, Manny714, and explore his professional work portfolio on Behance. Furthermore, the Behance page has been seamlessly integrated into the artist's biography for a more cohesive experience.

Magna AX Bio:

The newly designed Mangaka page now features a promotional description of Magna Ax, providing insights into its themes and aesthetic.


The Mangaka page has been updated to include a Resources section, providing valuable tools for artists interested in Manga creation and participating in convention spaces.

Workshop & Panels:

Finally, on The Mangaka page, you'll find a dedicated Workshop and Panels section. Here, you can explore the range of workshops and panels offered by Manny714, and even make an inquiry to book a session.

Magna Ax SHOP! The Magna Ax shop is currently in the process of being built and is slated to be launched later this year! It will offer a selection of Magna Ax comics, prints, and various other fantastic Magna Ax merchandise. Additionally, the shop will provide valuable artist resources for those embarking on their Mangaka careers.

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