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This project was an incredibly enjoyable passion endeavor for me. What embodies the 90s Anime more than Sailor Moon? Growing up, I was mystified by Sailor Moon's vibrant colors, endearing characters, and engaging storyline. What makes this collaboration particularly special and dear to my heart is that the design of Hanasu Nedena, a secondary protagonist in Magna Ax, pays homage to my favorite Sailor Scout, Sailor Venus! The long flowing hair and iconic ribbon were essential elements in creating Hanasu, making her feel like a natural addition to the Scout lineup. Additionally, Hanasu shares enchanting, magical girl attributes within the world of Magna Ax.

Silvestria August, with her blend of Green Lantern Space Girl, seamlessly assumes the role of a pretty guardian, mirroring her role as a guardian of the Etherverse. Yumi was another perfect fit, given her portrayal as a passionate cosplayer and devoted Otaku in the series. 

Lastly, allow me to introduce you to the newest addition to the Magna Ax universe, Lilac Luine! She's a local reporter in New Allure City, always in pursuit of the unvarnished truth. Lilac makes her debut in Chapter 7 of Magna Ax, so you're getting an early glimpse of her character.

While this project presented its fair share of challenges, I'm immensely pleased that I was able to see it through to completion and share it with you.

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