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Bronx Library Center

Latino & Puerto Rican 
Cultural Center
Puerto Rican Heritage Gallery


You're invited to the unveiling of:

Magna Ax: A Creative Odyssey - My Mangaka Journey

 Heritage Gallery, 4th Floor, Bronx Center Library

310 East Kingsbridge Road Bronx, NY 10458 USA

Friday February 2nd, 2024 

Opening reception 5 pm - 6 pm

This event, titled 'A Creative Odyssey: My Journey as an African American Mangaka,' draws inspiration from my presentation panel where I delve into my journey as a Mangaka, particularly as an African American artist, and the intricate dance of growth as both a creative soul and as the person I am today.

Graciously hosted by the Bronx Center Library, this exhibition is a nostalgic reflection on those formative years, providing an intimate glimpse into the conceptual artistry of Magna Ax that I've never before shared, presented in tandem with the Magna Ax you see today. The venue's Puerto Rican Heritage Gallery adds a special dimension to this celebration of creativity.


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Thank you! We look forward to having you at the event.

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