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Sailor Magna Illustration Collection

This October kicks off the Sailor Magna Collection a perfect time for costumes and cosplay as the girls of Magna Ax style up as the Legendary Sailor Senshi! ( Sailor Scouts) the Illustration collection combines the style and design of the 90s phenomena Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon alongside the courageous characters of Magna Ax for a mash-up made in heaven. These pieces made their debut at the Annual Women In Comics NYC Creative Conference 2023 at the Flushing Town Hall Center as a part of the Magna Ax vendor Table showcasing Comics and other Magna Ax-related Merchandise.

Silvestria August as Magna Ax dressed as a Sailor Scout From Sailor Moon.
Sailor Silvestria

The Gallery showcases 4 of the Magna Ax girls. Hanasu Nedena, Silvestria August, Yumi, and the new Magna Ax character Lilac Luine who will debut in Magna Ax Chapter 7. View the Sailor Magna Collection now!

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