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August News & Update

Greetings Adventurers!

Welcome to the Magna Ax content update post!

Here you will find various updates about the website, manga, and other kinds of Magna Ax content. These updated notes will be released every time there is a major change to the website.

Late Summer Updates: Website Updates: Manga Reader

The Magna Ax Manga Viewer has undergone significant updates and optimizations to enhance the viewing experience on both desktop and mobile devices. In particular, the desktop viewer has been transformed from a single-slider setup to an improved format featuring double-page spreads. Furthermore, a generous thumbnail viewer has been incorporated for easy access to new pages. Additionally, users can now take advantage of a zoom-in function to view page spreads in greater detail and at an increased capacity.

The Scroll Viewer has been rebranded as "Mobile/Scroll" to better cater to reader preferences. Mobile/Scroll functionality remains consistent, allowing users to continue viewing artwork in a vertical, page-by-page format.

Updated Story Page:

Newly Updated Magna Ax Lore Page

A Tale of Entwined Fate:

The updated story page has been improved to include concise recaps of key events from Magna Ax Volume 1, with a special emphasis on the events from the first chapter. This enhancement aims to provide a more seamless introduction to the Magna Ax series by offering brief character descriptions and setting details. Furthermore, fresh banner artwork has been carefully designed to spotlight the characters and entice readers. These eye-catching visuals have been seamlessly integrated into the story page, enhancing the overall reading experience and working in harmony with the book blurb to further captivate readers.

The Mysterious Language:

The Language page banner has been reinstated on the Banner page, providing convenient access to the Language page where you can unlock the secrets of the powerful and enigmatic Iridian language with ease.

- Thank you and see you in the next update post-

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