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Iridian is an ancient language from a bygone era with mystical, musical, and miracle-generating properties. The language could not be spoken, but rather only be sung. It is theorized that people would use Iridian the way we use Aura today.


Some of the earliest recorded scriptures cite Iridian as the mediation language between mortals, elements, and spirits. It also may have been the language of the Mother Goddess herself. 

Periodically, texts, scriptures, and ruins have been unearthed that are inscribed with Iridian symbols that describe events in history with prolific detail.

After much labor, these found symbols have been assembled into a writing system.

Mielle pose 3.png
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Mielle pose 3.png

Unfortunately at this present time, there isn't enough information to create phonetics for the language. Historians side by side with archivists are currently working diligently to translate the meanings of found Iridian texts and to potentially uncover hidden secrets to life---and to the goddess her self.

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Can you decipher the hidden meaning of the inscribed text? Below is the assembled Iridian alphabet alongside writing rules on how to decode sentences.

If you can decode the message, you will become a bonified Iridian scholar!  You will be forever immortalized on our Magna Ax scholars page visible on the website!

Good luck adventurers!

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Decode The Text!

Become an Iridian Master! Decode the Iridan text, input your information, and you'll be added to the history books as an Iridian Scholar & Historian! on our Historian page!

We'll be reviewing the Translation and you'll be contacted!

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