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Welcome to the Terminology Page.

On this page, you'll find the definitions of terms and phrases used in Magna Ax.


-Regularly Updated- 


Goddess of the Ether-verse ( universe) creator of all things


The observable Universe, also known as the cosmos or Iridia-verse.


Home of mortal Sekians, animals & beasts


Life force that exists in all beings.


Skilled individuals who can use their Aura for combat and everyday tasks. They can control and manipulate Aura to achieve impressive feats in various situations.


The phrase  for "Oh My Goddess"


Acronym for Special House Of Products

Dimensional market 

Otherworldly traffic and trade of supernatural goods and items officially or unofficially marketed in multiple locations/worlds. 

Debt Bracelet

A high-tech tracker is attached to a person until they repay their debt. It also lets the ones owed money know the person's location and can transport them to the creditor's place.


A Mysterious Organization tied to the events of the Grand Disaster

The Grand Disaster

A catastrophic event that nearly destroyed Sekai, diminishing the number of Aura users by 50% and drastically altering the planet's dynamics.

Dimensional Federation Alliance ( D.F.A.

the biggest alliance of different planets across the galaxy formed through a shared agreement known as the trans-dimensional Oath

Aura User Type Duelist

An Aura user with combat-type abilities. the user pools from their Aura pool to transform their spirit into power.
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