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The Tempest Estate

 The Tempest estate or House Tempest is one of 4 prestigious houses that helped build the foundation of the Illustria Kingdom in accordance with the vision of King Illustria I during the great Illustria expansion.

House Tempest is the House of Knowledge and is home to the pristine Tempest Archives. 

The Archives

The Tempest Archives is home to one of the largest public collections of old public records and historical materials documenting the history and culture of Allure and the surrounding cities, villages, dens, dungeons, and geographical locations/Dungeons- it is only rivaled by the royal archives within the kingdom of Illustria. 

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The Tempest estate houses 3 remaining members who swore to themselves to raise and protect Tasuka even after the events of the Grand Disaster. The majordomo, Simon as well as the two maids, Roxy and Annette, each divide and take care of various tasks throughout the manor as well as Take care of young Tasuka.

These remaining members of House Tempest loved Tasuka's parents as well as Young Tasuka and have dedicated their lives to his upbringing.

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