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8/9/22 Magna Notice Updates

Updated: Aug 17, 2022

Dear Adventurers!

Welcome to the First Magna Ax content Update post!

Here you will find various updates about the website, Manga, and other kinds of Magna Ax content. These update notes will release every time there is a major change to the website.

Now, on to the updates:

New Content Page!

Magna Ax Character Profile Page:


The Character Profile page is now available! You can now browse through Various Characters of the Magna Ax series! Each profile come with character stats as well as character summaries of their stories thus far.

- Character pages will update as Magna Ax progresses in story-

current available profiles:

  • Satoshi Inomata

  • Hanasu Nedena

  • Tasuka Tempest

New Motion Comics Page!


Motion Comics page is now available! Watch sequential motion comics episodes and special movies of Magna Ax!

Current available Motion comics:

  • Magna Ax Episode 1 ( Motion comic of stage 01)

New Archive Page!


New Archive page is now available! browse through each category of Magna Ax lore and story!

currently open archives:

  • Locations

  • terminology

- Thank you and see you in the next Update post-

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