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January2023 News and Updates

Updated: Jan 21, 2023

Happy 2023 Adventurers!

Welcome to the Magna Ax content update post!

Here you will find various updates about the website, manga, and other kinds of Magna Ax content. These update notes will release every time there is a major change to the website.

Now, on to the updates:

Updated Character Profile Page:


Character page has been updated with the following bios:

  • S. Hakkai

  • Silvestria August

Current available profiles:

  • Satoshi Inomata

  • Hanasu Nedena

  • Tasuka Tempest

  • S. Hakkai

  • Silvestria August

Updated Archives Comics Page!


Archives page has now been updated

Archive pages have been updated with a new character guide, Mielle Avant, the Magna Ax website historian here to guide adventurers deeper into the world of Magna Ax.

Newly updated Archive Pages:

  • Language Page - New! -

  • Locations

  • Terminology

New Language Page and Scholar Page!


-New Language page available under the Archives page -

  • decode and translate the Iridian language and be recognized on the Magna Ax scholar wall of master translators!

Learn the history of the forgotten language Iridian with Magna Ax historian Mielle Avant and how you can become an Iridian scholar yourself!

- Thank you and see you in the next update post-

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