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The Rebuilt city of wonder

Originally, there were four independent cities within the Illustria region. However, the Grand Disaster severely damaged, destroyed, and depleted these cities, rendering them unable to sustain themselves. In response, King Illustria IV launched an ambitious amalgamation project to rescue these cities and their inhabitants.

The solution entailed creating a super city where people could live and thrive. Through the collaborative efforts of the DFA and the Grand Elemental of the Earth, the six cities were clustered together to form New Allure City. Each of the four districts now represents one of the former cities.

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District 01
Central Allure

Previously known as Centralis Majora, the singular city stood near the center of the region and closest to the capital city of Illustria. During the Grand Disaster, Centralis faced significant impacts, resulting in the loss of many lives and resources. However, its architecture remarkably endured with minimal damage compared to the surrounding cities.

King Illustria IV, inspired by the city's resilience, designated it as the 1st district and aimed for it to become a beacon of hope for those affected by the tragedy.

Through collaborative efforts between the kingdom and the DFA, Centralis Major was renamed Central Allure. The district experienced a rejuvenation, attracting a diverse population from various parts of the region. These residents contribute significantly to the city's vibrancy. Central Allure features numerous zones of interest for both residents and travelers. Some perceive it as the most favored district due to the New Allure Restoration project funded by the Kingdom of Illustria, causing mild annoyance in the surrounding districts.

Central boasts the largest population in New Allure City by far.

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District 02

Originally a smaller independent town like many in the Illustria Region, the city of Arches earned its nickname from its residents as a sign of respect for its former name, Archaea, from before the Amalgamation. It is a comparatively smaller district than the 1st, characterized by modest homes and shops, fostering a sense of independence from Central Allure.

This district is primarily inhabited by the middle and lower-middle class, providing a quieter living experience for those who cannot afford the bustling 1st district. Arches/Archaea is a hub for artisans and small businesses, fostering a strong business relationship with the 4th district, Carta.


District 03 

Divatae, legally recognized as the 3rd District of New Allure City, follows Arches in district order, despite its reputation as Central's rival. What distinguishes Divatae is its designation as the Gambling District or District of Delight. It operates as a vibrant nightlife and tourist attraction, contributing significantly to the city's revenue. As a result, Divatae stands out as the wealthiest among the districts.

Historically, Divatae harbored a shady reputation as the former haven for criminals before the Grand Disaster. However, in contemporary times, Divatae plays a vital role in contributing to New Allure City's overall well-being through various channels. Thanks to crime cleanup efforts by the Kingdom of Illustria, the DFA, and the District of Guilds, Divatae has committed itself to rehabilitating its reputation, fully embracing its new identity as the city's heart of tourism.

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District 04

The 4th District stands out as a unique creation, introduced to oversee Aura usage and regulate the utilization of resources and skills within New Allure. In response to a 50% loss of Aura users globally, New Allure's laws dictate that if you possess Aura abilities, you must register with the District of Guilds. Additionally, Aura users are required to employ their Artes as Artisans specializing in a particular craft. The Carta District is host to various guilds, including, but not limited to:

- Craftsmanship & Artisan work
- Adventurer & Combat-based guilds that assist police and civilians
- Magic users and advisors
- Mutual aid organizations
- Specialty shops/merchants

Guilds are classified by type and are accessible to the private sector, a measure imposed by the Kingdom of Illustria.


District 05

O.A. Ground Zero

The 5th District, referred to as OA or Old Allure, stands as the remnants of the former city profoundly affected by the Grand Disaster. Hollowed ruins extend towards the sea, providing a view of the Isle of Zaion in the distance. Despite the city's ruined state, it was amalgamated into New Allure with hopes of restoration. However, it has remained in disrepair due to ongoing debates between New Allure City and the Kingdom of Illustria concerning environmental safety precautions for district rebuilding.

Nevertheless, residents have chosen to make a home within the walls of the ruined city. With support from mutual aid guilds, donations, and the unwavering determination of the people, sections of Old Allure have become habitable. Refugees, immigrants, and individuals who felt forgotten or struggled to adapt to the new living structure have found a haven in Old Allure.

-6th District-

Grandeza, once a thriving trading town with active miners and merchants, gained renown for its rare ore compounds, Leona's Blessing, named after the city's founder, Grandeza Leona. This sought-after ore was once a valuable commodity throughout Sekai. However, the Grand Disaster drained the ore of its rich properties, turning most of it into granite lumps. The city, facing rapid erosion, transformed into a mostly barren landscape. Influential merchants departed for the guilds or the city, leaving the locals to fend for themselves and rebuild.

New Allure incorporated Grandeza with the hope of revitalizing the mining town and providing housing for numerous displaced citizens struggling to adjust and reintegrate into society under the district system.

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