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The Rebuilt city of wonder

Originally, there were 4 independent cities within the Illustria region. However, The Grand Disaster greatly damaged, destroyed, and depleted these cities of the resources they needed to function on their own. The newly crowned king of Illustria, King Illustria IV,  set out on a great amalgamation project in the hopes of saving these cities and the people who resided within them. 


The solution was creating a super city for the people to live and thrive in. With the combined aid of the DFA along with the Grand Elemental of the Earth, these 6 cities were clustered together to create New Allure City. Each of the 4 districts comprises one of the former cities. 

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-1st District-
Central Allure

Previously called Centralis Majora, the former singular city sat near the center of the region and the closest to the capital city of Illustria. During the events of the Grand Disaster, Centralis was greatly impacted and many lives and resources were lost. However, the architecture of the city suffered minimal damage compared to the rest of the surrounding cities. 

King Illustria IV found great inspiration in the city’s fortitude and crowned it the 1st district, He made it a priority for the district to become the beacon of hope for the people affected by the great tragedy.


With the combined efforts of the kingdom and the DFA, Centralis Major was renamed Central Allure. Central Allure has a renewed, bustling population with a variety of residents of all kinds moving in from many parts of the region, all of whom contribute greatly to the city as a whole. Central Allure also houses many diverse zones of interest for residents and travelers. Some believe that out of all the districts, it is the most favored by the New Allure Restoration project funded by the Kingdom of Illustria to the annoyance of the surrounding districts.

Central holds by far the largest population of people in New Allure City.

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-2nd District-
Arches Allure

Originally a smaller independent town like many in the Illustria Region, the city of Arches was nicknamed by its residents as a sign of respect for its former name, Archaea, from before the Amalgamation. It is a much smaller district than the 1st, with smaller homes and shops, giving it a sense of independence from Central Allure.

A lot of the middle and lower middle class live in this district. Many who cannot afford to reside in the bustling 1st district live out quieter lives here. Arches/Archaea is home to many artisans and small businesses and has a great business relationship with the 4th district Carta.


-3rd District-
Divatae Allure

Divatae is legally the 3rd District of New Allure City, behind the district of Arches, despite being known as Central’s rival district. What makes Divatae unique is its status as the Gambling District or District of Delight. It serves as a nightlight and tourist attraction, generating revenue for the city. Because of this, Divatae is the most wealthy of the districts. 

There has always been shadier undertones to Divate because of its former reputation from before the events of the Grand Disaster of being the dwelling of criminals. in present times, Divatae makes continuous contributions to New Allure City as a whole through various avenues. With the clean-up of crime via the Kingdom of Illustria, the DFA, and District of Guilds,  Divatae has dedicated itself to the clean up of its reputation, fully leaning into its new identity of being the heart of tourism in the city. 

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-4th District-
Carta Allure

The 4th District is a unique one, as it is a new creation to regulate the city's Aura usage and to control and mediate the usage of resources and skills in New Allure. With the world suffering a 50% loss of Aura users, New Allure's laws mandate that if you are an Aura User, you must register with the district of Guilds as well as use your Artes as an Artisan in a particular specialty. The Carta District is home to various guilds including but not limited to:

  • Craftmanship & Artisan work

  • Adventurer & Combat-based guilds that aid police/people

  • Magic users and advisors

  • Mutual aid organizations

  • Specialty shops/merchants

Guilds vary by class and are available to the private sector ban, which was instituted by the Kingdom of Illustria after The Organization known as Zaion almost brought about the destruction of the world through the Grand Disaster.


-5th District-
Old Allure

'The 5th District, known as OA or Old Allure, are the ruined remains of the former city that felt the full-scale might of the Grand Disaster. Hollowed ruins stretch out to parts of the sea, from which one can see the Isle of Zaion in the distance. The ruined city was amalgamated into New Allure with the hopes of restoration. However, it has long remained in the same state because of the ongoing debates between New Allure City and the Kingdom of Illustria on environmental safety precautions for district rebuilding work.


However, this didn't stop people from taking up residency within the walls of the ruined city. With the help of some mutual aid guilds, donations, and sheer will of the people. Parts of Old Allure have been made habitable by its people. Refugees, immigrants, and those who felt forgotten or feel unable to adjust to the new living structure have migrated to Old Allure.

-6th District-
Grandeza Allure

Grandeza was once a flourishing trading town with working miners & merchants. The city was once known for its rare ore compounds called Leona's Blessing, named after the founder of the city, Grandeza Leona. This ore was sought out far and wide throughout Sekai. However, due to the events of the Grand Disaster, the ore was drained of its rich properties, reducing a majority of the ore to lumps of granite. The city has mostly become barren because of rapid erosion. Big-name merchants left for the guilds or the city, leaving the locals entirely on their own to fend for and rebuild themselves. 

New Allure amalgamated Grandeza in the hopes that it can bring life back into the mining town as well as create housing for many displaced citizens who have been unable to adjust and re-enter new society under the district system. 

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